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EducationAccording to the Sri Lankan Constitution, education is a fundamental right of the citizens. Educational system in Sri Lanka can be dated back to 300 B.C. The British educational system influenced the Sri Lankan society as the British colonial rule dominated the country for some time.
Educational structure of Sri Lanka can be divided into Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary, Collegiate and Tertiary levels. Both the Central Government and Provincial Councils of Sri Lanka control the education system of the country. Government schools in Sri Lanka offer free education to the students. Private schools in Sri Lanka follow curriculum set by Ministry of Education of the country. International schools in Sri Lanka do not have to follow any regulations set by the Ministry of Education. Tertiary education in the undergraduate level offered at the State Universities is free for the students. Ministry of Education of Sri Lanka has introduced vocational educational programs for people who could not complete their studies.
In Sri Lankan schools, the medium of study is either Tamil or Sinhalese. Medical and engineering courses at the universities are studied in English. Other study programs at university level can be conducted in English, Sinhalese or Tamil.

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