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Batik ArtsBatik is a decorating art of fabrics. It is done by pouring liquid wax on fabrics and proceeds with dipping it in dye. It does not go through the wax and thus, leaves behind difficult colorful motifs.
The traditional batik arts of Sri Lanka is inspired by objects like trees, flowers, birds or mystical symbols, local tribal life. Imagery patterns or local mythological themes are also vastly used in batik arts
Sri Lanka is the land of life and color. The colorfulness of Sri Lanka is reflected on the art and culture of this country. This multicolored and kaleidoscopic art form of Sri Lanka surely beholds the pleasure of wearing for each and every single wearer.
Though the birth place of this art form is Indonesia, the culture and the liking of this art form has been in practice in Sri Lanka from decades and now it has become an inseparable culture of Sri Lankan soil. Batik arts of Sri Lanka is an established art that has a way of life on this island. The cottage industry of Sri Lanka depends a lot on this art.
The craft of batik arts in Sri Lanka includes those outstanding artworks on cloth paintings, which are made of dyes and dye opposing wax materials. The new trend of craft on Buddha batiks of Sri Lanka has hit the retail market of global fashion design in a never before way.

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