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Are you planning a trip to Sri Lanka? Know all about Sri Lanka and you can also consult our Sri Lanka travel guide. Our site brings you all that you need to know before traveling to this country. We provide Sri Lanka travel reference, information about Sri Lankan people and their history.

It is an island country that is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. This Asian country has rich history spanning for about 3,000 years. It has witnessed the rise and fall of different kingdoms and was also under the colonial rule of English, Dutch and Portuguese powers.

Sri Lanka saw the rise of Buddhism and it is a country of multi ethnicity. Besides the prominent religion of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam religions are also prevalent. The major part of the population comprises Sinhalese. Other ethnic groups of Sri Lanka are Tamils, Moors and Burghers. The major spoken language of this country is Sinhalese and it is also the official language of the country.

The weather in Sri Lanka remains hot and humid round the year. If one is moving to Sri Lanka for purpose of tourism then it is better to avoid the monsoon season. Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination for tourists. UNESCO has recognized seven World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka. The sea beaches, coral lagoons, national parks, historical sites, religious spots of Sri Lanka invite tourists from all over the world. The ancient cities of Sri Lanka bear testimony to historical facts.

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